Is Your Business Office making a Good Impression?

Keeping the office clean and professional is a key element in office productivity, and helps make a good impression when clients stop in for a visit. No one likes to see rubbish scattered on desks and dust buildup on surfaces. How you present your office speaks volumes about how you serve your clients.  Taking pride in your surroundings leads people to believe you take pride in your work.

A good idea is to walk through the front door as if you were a client and take in the surroundings. Take a seat in the waiting area, sit in the chair opposite staff and visit the bathroom. If you don’t like what you see, it may be time to make some changes.

As for productivity, when an office isn’t kept clean the buildup of bacteria spreads, resulting in employees taking time off due to sickness. If they’re not at work, how do you expect your office to produce the results needed?

The problem with germs is that they are not often seen. Typically, however,

  • Telephones hold 25,000 germs per square inch.
  • The water cooler holds 2.7 million bacteria per square inch on the tap.
  • Keyboards hold more than 200 times the bacteria held on a toilet seat.
  • Bathrooms hold faecal toxins on nearly every surface.

It’s important that every surface in the office is cleaned thoroughly to eliminate these germs, but without a strategy this can be a difficult task. Professional services such as those offered by TotalClean Solutions go a long way toward keeping the office neat, tidy and germ free. With 10 years experience, TotalClean has developed its own exclusive cleaning program which helps reduce the spread of sickness-causing germs and keeps the office at it’s professional looking best.

The costs of hiring a professional cleaning company are largely outweighed by the productivity achieved by having staff in the office. When the office is clean and tidy, employees can quickly and efficiently get on with what needs doing, without having to worry about getting their hands dirty. Costs are also outweighed when securing new clients, who are impressed by how you present yourself.

As well as hiring professional cleaning services, there are a number of things you can do to help keep your office clean and professional:

1. Filing systems

Having things placed in the correct location will keep clutter to a minimum and allow staff to quickly find the documents they need (clients do not like having to wait while staff search around.) Even better, papers can be scanned and stored on a computer. Just make sure that your data is regularly backed up.

2. Don’t eat at the desk

Loose crumbs and food wrappers on the desk don’t scream professionalism and can build up germs quickly. While taking lunch at the desk may seem like you’re saving time, it’s always best to take a break and eat in a designated lunch area.

3. Wipe down desks and counters

By keeping cleaning solutions in spray bottles handy, staff are encouraged to regularly wipe down their desk. Not only does this help reduce clutter before it builds up, it ensures they are continually working on clean surfaces.

4. Provide bins

Having the proper waste and recycling containers makes throwing rubbish away easy. Be sure to empty them regularly though, as an overflowing bin is not nice to look at.

5. Create a schedule for common areas

Common areas such as the water cooler and kitchen need to be cleaned regularly, and this can be done using a schedule among staff. Ensure all employees are responsible at times for cleaning well-used areas. A schedule can also be used for watering and maintaining plants, which are enjoyed by all.


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